To improve the quality of services provided to our customer hereafter you find main references for different services.

  • Orthokey Technical Support Center - Trouble ticket system exclusively reserved to our customers:

  • Commercial support
    Phone: +39-055-354829 (dial 3) Fax: +39-055-3246012

  • Training support - for demonstration, live surgery and educational event
    Phone: +39-055-354829 (dial 3) Fax: +39-055-3246012
    TRO (Training Order Module) to order a training session.
    Each training session must be booked and authorized by our training support desk. Please require training session before 15 days, and delete a training session within 7 days from the established date. Otherwise a penalty equal to 50% of the amount will be applied.

  • Service support - for technical assistance
    Worldwide Technical Assistance Address: Technical Service - Orthokey Italia S.r.l. Piazza Puccini 26 50144 Firenze - Italy
    Phone: +39-055-354829 (dial 3) Fax: +39-055-3246012
    RMA (Return Material Authorization) to require the opening of service procedure
    NOTIFICATION MODULE to notify any suggestion, request, problem and comment

  • General terms and conditions of sale