Orthokey has always provided advanced solutions for Digital Orthopedic Surgery.
A big number of surgeons and partners have been appreciating our solutions for more than 15 years, and we have been sharing experiences and new projects in this community.
We have always provided open platform solutions, able to work with different implant designs, because we believe that advanced solutions should be accessible to surgeons for a wide range of surgical orthopedic procedures.
Now, another step of this journey begins: ROBIN, a new generation of collaborative safe robotic solutions for a smooth interaction with surgeons and OR staff.

RobinROBIN is a robotic solution designed with and for our main partners, easy to handle with great precision and repeatability, and is controlled by the surgeons according to their personalized surgical strategy.
Another step of our amazing journey, that will make Orthokey the only company capable of providing a wide range of solutions: from smart tools up to robotics.

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