Blu IGSFocused on surgeon's experience, the BLU-IGS platform is the user friendly, accurate and time saving IGS system for orthopedic surgical procedure. BLU-IGS integrates information about anatomical data, surgical procedure workflows and biomechanical models to support surgeon's decision. A User Friendly Hardware Design and HMI, make BLU-IGS Platform easily adaptable to all possible user's needs in the OR.
BLU-IGS provides report useful for risk management procedures and medical-legal documentation.

Solutions provided by Orthokey cover major intervention of the lower limb prosthetics:

  • Mirò - TKA presents the state of the art of total knee arthroplasty
  • Hopper - THA introduces new concepts in prosthetic hip with less invasiveness and grater efficiency
  • Monet - UKA is an efficient and streamlined system for unicompartmental prosthesis
  • Rho - RTKA represents a valuable help in cases of knee revision
  • Dalì - HTO enhances surgeon's perception of patient's limb alignment throughout the entire procedure
  • Klee - Kinematics is a flexible tool for kinematic evaluations,that can be integrated with the other BLU-IGS applications

  • Infrared references with passive markers
  • Monitor Touch Screen 17"
  • Infrared camera on hinged and separable unit
  • Easy transportable structure
  • Transfer data module
  • Interoperability with other systems through internet connection dedicated module
  • Easy interaction with the system through touch screen or foot switch
  • Two version available: Compact or Light system

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