BLU-IGS is the unique navigation system for orthopaedic surgery of lower limbs available on the market as open platform to be deployed for any implant manufacturer. BLU-IGS integrates advanced biomechanical models with anatomical data in a smart surgical workflows... read more

Perseus is the smartest cutting guide for TKA. Perseus is a small hand helded gyro powered axis finder that supports surgeons in the correct alignment of femoral distal and proximal tibial cuts avoiding the use of intra medullary rod. Through easy i-Pad based interface Perseus guides surgeon to align the cuts towards the defined targets... read more

KiRA is the only medical device for outpatient quantitve assessment of lesion level of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. KiRA supports the analysis of knee joint kinematics and dynamic laxities, providing real-time graphics and quantitative information about Pivot-Shift and Drawer tests comparing both limb results... read more

Orthokey - Get in Tech Orthokey is a company founded in 2005 in Florence by people with 30 years of experience in Digital Surgery.

Our products for over 15 years on the market cover all the main applications for surgery of the lower limbs with a wide range of solutions for various needs: from smart tools to robotic systems.

In the design phases of our solutions, at Orthokey, we pursue three simple but fundamental objectives: our systems must be fast, simple and accurate. This ensures high-level solutions with short learning curves and surgeon satisfaction.

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